Claudia, Rob, y our story

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Like many in Canada, US and Europe, I was familiar with the Nicaragua of the 1980s – revolution, conflict, the nightly news broadcasts, and then the Iran-Contra hearings.

Since the revolution, and the Contra War that followed, the world had quietly forgotten about Nicaragua. In reading about contemporary Nicaragua, the more I wanted to experience it.

My initiation into Nicaragua with my first visit in 2004 left a lasting impression.

In 2008, I returned to open Casa Silas B & B, our home away from home to people with a passion for travel and a deeper cultural experience.

In 2010 Claudia and I met, and married a year later. Claudia is a native of Managua, the capital. What I knew of the book of Nicaragua became animate through her retelling of images of a life of experience in the country.

Together, it is our hope, that when you return home a little piece of our Nicaragua will remain with you, and you'll smile reflexively as you recall your time spent in Granada at Casa Silas ¡bienvenidos amigos!

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In Memoriam. Silas | September 2004 - October 7 2013