el barrio, “la Concepción”

Casa Silas B & B is located in the “colonial” area of Granada, though most of the homes date from the period after 1856 – the year that William Walker’s men set torch to light, and burned Granada to the ground. Reconstruction of many of the grand casonas began in the period following Walker’s flight from Granada.

Many of the original casonas from that period remain whole, and though many had suffered over time from neglect, revolution, civil war and difficult economic times, the new century has brought a renewed passion for preserving and sharing Granada’s colonial culture, history and architecture.

Casa Silas was once a considerably larger home but, was eventually divided into three homes. After extensive renovation, we now look forward to opening our home to new friends, and sharing our passion for this fascinating city, country and its people.

The house is located on Calle La Concepcíon, a stones’ throw from the popular market, where vendors from the department bring their fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and cheeses.

A walk through the market on the way to the park or towards the lake is a walk back in time, to when life was measured by experiences and not by minutes.

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